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Hi and welcome to our blog where today we will providing advice to all residents and business owners in North Sydney on how to choose the right restricted key system in order to maximise the security of your North Sydney home or business.

Nexus 24 hour locksmiths North Sydney  are in the business of providing exceptional customer service and we like to help our customers by providing valuable and helpful advice every now and then via these blogs, today’s subject being restricted key systems.

When you are considering whether to install a standard key system vs high security restricted keys the determining factors should be: Commercial or domestic? If commercial how many employees? Does each employee need access to every part of the office or should their extent be limited?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on whether a restricted key system is right for you. Generally we do recommend one for all commercial situations where there is an employee who keeps a copy of the keys. This recommendation is primarily so that employees are unable to duplicate keys, which can be a major problem if that employee is all of a sudden fired, as the business has no idea how many keys may be out out there, thus leading to expensive and unnecessary re keys.

Our North Sydney Locksmiths can advice on which key system is right for you, for a free survey please give us a call.