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What steps can you take to ensure you pick a reputable service provider?

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious, chances are at some stage you are going to need a 24hr locksmith. It could be that you have inadvertently locked yourself out of your car or home, need the locks rekeyed, or need a lock serviced due to old age. Whatever the cause, the team at Five Dock locksmiths have these ideas to help you ensure that the locksmith you pick is an experienced and master licenced professional:

Reputation & Trustworthiness The best opportunity you have to find a good lock and key expert is not when you require one, but before you do. The circumstances when you need such a professional can be ultra-stressful and time sensitive, meaning you don’t want to be looking around for the right supplier at short notice. Speak to your friends and family, or ask a colleague if they have ever had to use such services and who they contracted to do the work. Get the phone number and address of the service provider that comes with the best references.


The lock picks that our Five Dock locksmiths use

The lock picks that our Five Dock locksmiths use

Identification and corporate identity While some 24hr emergency locksmiths do attend site after hours in their own car, if you’d made an appointment with an established and reputable one, you should expect them to turn up in a company vehicle marked with signage. Don’t be alarmed if they ask you for ID, such as a driver’s licence, before getting started on the job. A master licenced technician would want to be sure that you indeed owned the property that you needed to get into prior to doing the gain entry.

Insurance and public liability As expected, in the vast majority of times, a legitimate and experienced professional should be able to complete a job without damaging any property, however there’s always a possibility that something could go wrong. This is why insurance is important and we urge you to check that the company you contract to work on your home or business has public liability insurance. This will protect you from losses if your valuable property ends up damaged throughout the work due to an accident or negligent act.

The job itself Be very suspicious if you are presented a blank work form. An experienced and professional lock and key technician should know precisely what he’s doing and should also be able to give clear descriptions on the quote document for all work to be carried out. Ensure that you know what he will be doing, so that when you authorise it, you can follow up on the job to keep track of what’s happening. Also be a bit cautious if your locksmith immediately tells you he needs to drill the lock, as all reputable techniciand will attempt to pick it firstly. There are other ways that are far less expensive and far less destructive. We are gain entry experts and do over 40 jobs a week on all sorts of locks, so if you are locked out and want a trustworthy business that picks 95% of locks then call us now.

We are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to call with questions or for a quote. All our vans are fitted with EFTPOS facilities making it easier for our customers to conduct business with us.

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