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Silca Bravo Key machine – a high quality semi automatic duplicator for the professional locksmith

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The Silca Bravo is one of the best quality key duplicators available on the market, offering the professional locksmith a comfortable feel in operation and quick accurate key duplication. It duplicates standard keys as well as double-sided car keys with minimal effort and is ideal for the busy locksmith who needs a heavy-duty duplicator that does the job with no fuss. It’s also safer to operate than other designs such as the combination slotted cutter and duplicator; it’s harder to catch your hand on the cutting blade. When the locksmith reaches in to remove the key, as the jaw sits back a good distance from the cutter. Furthermore the locksmith can’t remove the key until clicking the jaws back into place, as they are spring loaded, ensuring maximum distance between jaw and cutter each time the locksmith goes in to remove the key. From experience the Bravo allows the quickest duplication, just needing a couple of effortless runs to produce a duplicate, as opposed to other machines that need to be handled more gently. It’s the best choice for locksmiths that need to duplicate a lot of keys in a busy shop environment.

The handle that controls depth is crafted to fit comfortably in the locksmith’s hand and covered with rubber for extra grip, minimising the chance of the jaw slipping out. If the depth control lever slipped then it would hit the pattern key hard up against the tracer, damaging the customer’s key. The lever responsible for spacing, moving the key from left to right, can be used to quickly brush the key across the cutting blade whilst putting light pressure on the blank up against the cutting wheel, bringing the key blank down in height very quickly. It makes the duplication process quicker, a good technique for customers who need lots of keys duplicated in one go.

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When training apprentices on key cutting machines it is important to help them develop a good understanding of space and depth, and how the tumblers sit on the key. The better they understand they more they will realize that it’s not necessary to go over a key too many times to get that “perfect key”. A few swipes are all it takes, this technique does not work with all duplicators especially the cheaper ones, but it does with the Silca bravo. It will have your staff producing duplicates quicker than with cheaper machines. So although the machine is at the costlier end of the spectrum as far as duplicators go, it makes it up in productivity. It is fitted with a neon light and the tracer point is equipped with centesimal adjustment increments for the finest possible depth adjustments. The 4 way jaws are designed to accommodate a wide range of broaches, which is important for any locksmith who cuts a lot of automotive keys, as it allows for quick sturdy grip on the key. The B and D jaws can hold car keys on the broaching which is handy as it saves the locksmith time in having to find wires to make the key sit in the A jaw. Sometimes when duplicating on the broaching jaw there is a tendency for the duplicate key to come out a little higher than the pattern key, this was somewhat common in the shop in which I worked as the duplicator was set to reproduce all keys a fraction higher. For best productivity it is vital to calibrate the machine so that it’s not cutting too high or too low, and Silca have a duplicator called the Maxima that uses an electronic display enabling the locksmith to check the accuracy of his key machine very quickly. It ensures that the locksmith can monitor the depth settings via an LCD display, which is important for busy shops that cut a lot of automotive keys. The motor has 2 speed settings, high and low, which help to cut a wide range of keys.

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