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I have a really old unit in Elizabeth Bay to which the lock on the front door would not catch in the strike. I needed a locksmith to come out to my unit and I found Nexus Locksmiths to be a mobile operation offering a 24-hour emergency service to Elizabeth Bay…perfect. Upon calling them I got through to their technician and explained the problem. Nathan explained that the most common cause for this type of problem was the door having dropped over time and that the problem was quite common in older dwellings. Needing it fixed a.s.a.p. I booked a service call with Nexus because they guaranteed me they would have a locksmith there within the hour. The problem was just as they thought, to fix it only took half an hour and I was relieved that it wasn’t a major job. No parts were needed which was great as I didn’t have to spend a great deal to have it fixed. Their locksmith also refitted the strike with longer screws, 5 in total, as he advised me that being quite an old door frame it would be important to affix the strike as securely as possible for good security. Nathan from Nexus was professional and didn’t try to sell me anything more that what I needed. Much appreciated

Kelly – Elizabeth Bay

Security tips from Nexus 24 hour Locksmiths

A wrought iron screen door offers far higher security that a standard screen door. The locks, which can be fitted to these doors, are also of a much higher security rating than standard screen door locks. This combination of wrought iron screen door with high security five-lever mortice lock will cost more than a standard screen door, but it if it deters and or prevents an intruder from gaining entry then it could be a worthy expense. Wrought iron doorframes are anchored into the brickwork and the door welded on to the frame, offering good resistance to brute force attacks.

Bump Keys are a covert way of gaining entry. 90% of Australian households are vulnerable to this form of attack. Your locks can be upgraded to bump resistant or even totally bump proof. If you are interested in more information on preventing bump key attack why not give us a call.

Alarm systems are highly customizable. Did you know that some systems offer property perimeter monitoring? You can set the alarm to go off outside the house but not inside. This way you are free to move about inside without setting it off.

Install an alarm box to your property. An alarm box, which is visible from the street, should deter from criminals from entering the property to further case it out. It’s also a good idea to have a gate that cannot be unlocked by anyone without a key. This sends a clear message that security starts at the very entrance to your property.

Security tip this week: Install a restricted key system to prevent unauthorised key duplication and to prevent re keys

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