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Cutting mortice keys and safe keys – the Silca idea – an electronic solution

Information courtesy of Nexus Locksmiths Pyrmont – for a fast emergency response 24/7 Call our Pyrmont Locksmith now!Cutting mortice or bit keys is a longer process than duplicating standard house keys because it requires the locksmith to put the final touches on the duplicate key with a file, rounding off the edges, making it a costlier type of key to cut due to the labour. Silca offer a couple of machines that cut mortice keys including the heavy-duty manual Lancer to the electronic “Idea”.

The idea is an electronic machine that offers locksmiths increased productivity by reproducing safe and mortice keys with absolute precision, eliminating the need to caliper and file the key, cutting down on labour time. It suits safe technicians as it enables precise duplicates to be supplied to the customer, which is important, as the tolerances in safe locks are very tight, so the precision key produced by the Idea should in theory last the customer longer than a manually duplicated key.

Mortice keys are the most time-consuming keys for a locksmith to cut. In a busy shop there are a wide range of jobs that need to be done, from cutting keys to rekeying ignitions. Eliminating a little bit of time on each task would allow for more jobs to get completed, however, doing a job quickly carries the risk of producing poor quality. If a locksmith shop could raise productivity by reducing the time taken to complete certain jobs then that would lead to happier customers as they get faster turn around times, and higher profit margins. The Idea key machine brings the cost of producing mortice keys down by reducing the time spent on duplicating bit keys when compared to manual machines. This frees up staff to get onto other bench work, time gets used more effectively, more customers get quicker turn around times, productivity goes up and profits increase. It’s contributes to running a more efficient trade counter if the locksmith cuts a lot of mortice keys.

The Idea has a stylish on board backlit LCD screen and easy to use keypad that allows the locksmith to duplicate bit keys or cut them to code. Once the pattern key has been decoded the Idea will display the cuts and the locksmith can then duplicate the key, if it is not too worn, or reproduce the key to code if it is too worn. Some of the keys that it can cut to code are Ross and Jackson safe keys, and Union and Legge mortice keys amongst others.

The safety screen ensures protects the locksmith by having to be put down before the machine will cut they key. This prevents fingers getting caught in the mechanism or burrs flying into eyes.

This machine suits locksmiths that cut mortice or safe keys as it is self-calibrating, reproduces precision keys and frees up staff increasing productivity. Ideal for a busy trade counter.

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