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What are the benefits of HPC key cabinets? Read on to find out more

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• Construction is of thick gauge steel.

• Doors are attached with piano style hinges making for a safe location to securely store you keys

• Key racks are slotted in design manufactured of steel for greater durability – slotted design aids in easy identification, Nexus Locksmiths Wollstonecraft can install for you, call for more details.

• Clearly marked and numbered plastic key tags use nickel-plated snap hooks allowing several keys to hang on each hook

• Control tags are made of yellow paper. When you lend a key replace with a monitoring tag. The tag allows you to record the details of who borrowed it and when, an easy way to track accountability.

• Clever design cam lock means that you can’t take the key out of the lock whilst the cabinet is open. Minimises the chance of the cabinet being forgotten in the open position.

• The 500 and 730 models are fitted with a higher security lock. A tubular lock that uses a gem key set into pop up T-handle. If you need a Wollstonecraft Locksmith to supply and install this quality product you should call us now

• Comes with a key control booklet that allows you to record the location of the locks. We advise that this booklet be stored in a safe as it is a security risk to leave it lying around on a desk.

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• Select models offer the option of a pin tumbler cylinder that can be keyed alike to restricted systems surmounting the problem of who holds they key to the cabinet. Each authorised staff member can be “keyed” into the lock giving multiple levels of access for convenience. These cylinders and their parts, such as cams etc are not supplied with the cabinet. You can arrange your cabinet to be added into your key system by contacting the locksmith who started it.

• HPC use easy to understand and straight forward model numbers to denote the capacity of their key cabinets. For example the Kekab 330 holds 330 keys, the Kekab 40 is designed for 40 keys and so on.

• HPC also manufacture a slim line version that fits nicely in narrow corridors and places with limited space. The benefits of the Kekab standard models carry through to the slim line models including 22 gauge steel construction, piano hinged doors and a stylish beige powder coating. Capacity for the slim line ranges from 15 to 45 keys and the cabinet also uses a smart cam lock that holds the key in the lock whist the door is open minimising the chance of leaving the door left open.

• If you need a key cabinet that holds more keys designed for hard to fit places then the 50v, which measures 753mm high, 178mm wide and 38mm deep might be the solution.

• HPC have a product called the key monitor, which is an electronically controlled key storage facility that only dispenses keys to authorised persons. The user would need to access the cabinet by presenting a valid form of identification. The only keys that will appear on the monitor after the identification has been entered are those keys that have been made available to that user. The other keys are withheld inside the cabinet. The key monitor even allows each key to be individually timed and alarmed, so that if a key is not removed or returned within a certain time frame the clever key monitor will alert you. Furthermore a detailed transaction list can be viewed providing information on who borrowed which key and when. Total key control.

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