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“I went out one morning for a jog before work and lost my keys. Luckily I had my I phone on me so I Googled a 24-hour locksmith and found Nexus. They explained that a lost key was a common problem and would be able to make a new set and render the old ones useless just in case anyone else had found them. I thought no one would answer as it was 5 am but I was happily surprised to get professional service at such a time. Nexus had a locksmith out in twenty minutes and they also had EFTPOS facilities. A lost key is not a problem I want to experience again, but thanks for your quick response.

Alyssa J.

At Nexus Locksmiths we run a genuine 24-hour service to get our customers out of sticky situations when they most need it. Our specialty is emergency work and for that reason we make ourselves available at all hours as we know that it can be hard to find a locksmith for emergencies such as break in’s and lost keys. Our mobile workshops are equipped with key cutting machines and all the stock necessary to get the job completed first time. We are equipped to make keys to a wide range of locks no matter what time your predicament, so give us a call to have all your residential / commercial requirements attended to.

Security tips for commercial premises, shops and offices: Aside from locks on your doors and windows there are other ways that you can improve security on a commercial premises. Electronic technology such as CCTV is available from a variety of manufacturers including ABUS who are well renowned for producing a range of quality locks. When selecting a CCTV system it is important to use a professional who will take into account the following aspects: The camera’s mounting position. The mounting position is important because the angle on which the camera monitors the room can affect how clearly the image is recorded. A poorly mounted camera can compromise a good quality CCTV system. The next thing to assess is the quality of the lens. The lens is an important factor in obtaining a clear image. If a clear image cannot be obtained from a budget product then it may be worth investing a little extra in a product that reproduces a clear image. For more information on CCTV please visit cctvlabs.com

Mechanical locking solutions for commercial premises should make use of a locksmith controlled restricted key system at the very least. Restricted systems are readily installed to existing locks. Once in place it is impossible for any unauthorized key duplication to take place. When a business has employees and cleaners that need to access the premises then the benefits of a restricted system become apparent. All keys are recorded in a log. When a key needs to be duplicated then consent from an authorised signatory must be presented in writing. This ensures only the owner of the key system can issue keys where appropriate, eliminating the need to rekey a locks when an employee leaves. The only time it may be necessary to rekey a lock is in the case of a lost key. This means that other locks may also need to be rekeyed depending on how the key system was set up initially. For enquiries relating to the above please give us a call for more information.