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Supra key storage

Information complied by Nexus 24 hour mobile locksmiths Lane Cove. Need a locksmith in Lane Cove? Call Nexus now!

*Supra make a number of different key storage safes including the C3, S5, S6 and slim line versions.

*The Supra C3 is a portable mini key safe with a shackle design similar to a padlock that allows you to secure the box to knob sets, push pull handles, gates and the like. It’s a good idea if you want to leave a spare key out for the kids or just a spare key in case you lose your keys. The C3 allows the user to “rekey” the lock themselves quickly and easily. The safe works on a push button mechanical keypad with a huge number of possible combinations aimed at securely protecting your keys. To change the combination simply enter the existing code to confirm you are authorised to access the safe, then follow the instructions. Couldn’t be easier.

*The next model up is the S5 which is a secure storage key box that will hold up to 5 keys, it’s the medium sized model in the Supra range and comes in three colours, white, titanium and clay. Unlike the C3 it does not use a shackle to secure it, it has 2 anchor points inside the safe and is packaged with screws designed to affix the safe to wood. This safe can be affixed to metal with the proper tools and screws, your locksmith can do this for you if you like. Like the C3 this model allows the user to change the access code whenever necessary, saving on the cost of having a locksmith come out and “rekey” the safe should the combination fall into the wrong hands. Need a 24 hour locksmith Lane Cove? Call us now!

*The S6 is like the S5 in design, operation, user friendliness and fixing points, its just a smaller model designed to hold 2 keys and comes in the same three colours, white, clay and titanium. Designed to last a long time its manufacture is high quality making it durable in adverse conditions, suitable for installation outdoors where it’s exposed to the weather.

*The s& version is the largest key safe manufactured by Supra. Its internal volume makes it suitable for storing keys as well as swipe cards and other valuables. Like the other models in the range it employs the same StrongBox design, which is patented to Supra. Its rugged design will stand up to a good battering and, if it’s installed outdoors, exposed to the weather, it will never rust because of its weather resistant alloy. Like the other models it is supplied with screws to fixing to wooden surfaces, all that is needed to secure it is a drill, an easy DIY job! Comes in two colours – black and clay and is fitted with a heavy-duty rubber “glove” cover to further protect it from the weather.

*A slim line version is available which is designed to hold one key and offer easy one-handed access. The display panel will show you the last nine access times, allowing you to see if anyone else had opened your key safe! The combination can be changed by the user when necessary and is packaged with a stainless mounting bracket available in various colours including grey.

*Supra also manufacture a car key safe, designed to be bolted to the chassis. It is affixed with a specially designed bracket that comes with the key safe. We recommend installing it in a concealed spot, an ideal place would be under the wheel arch as it is out of sight. For anyone that has considered a magnetic key holder but didn’t buy one because of the possibility of it falling off the car, then the Supra model is for you. It bolts to the chassis – if installed properly it won’t fall off. Added to that, magnetic key holders do not control access with a keypad, Supra’s key safes do, therefore they are far more secure.

*Further demonstrating the versatility of the Supra product is the Touchpoint key safe. They are designed to be affixed in place of cam locks, such as on medicine cabinets or cleaners cupboards, the Touchpoint uses a turn knob to swing the cam into the open position after the correct code has been entered. Constructed of a solid die cast model it offers superior protection over a cam lock and might just be the solution if you keep losing your keys. Like other models in the Supra range the user can change the combination whenever necessary, saving on the cost of a locksmith having to come out and assist. Comes in two stylish colours, clay and titanium.

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