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Customer Testimonial

I got home from work one evening and the deadlatch would not unlock. When I turned the key it jammed so I called Nexus to book a Petersham Locksmith a.s.a.p. Nathan said he would be there within the hour. By the way I like his phone number, easy to remember, it’s in my speed dial now. Peak hour traffic can get pretty hectic and I thought it would be forever until the locksmith would arrive. Surprisingly Nexus were on time. It was resolved that nothing but a drill would get my door open. I rent and was very nervous that the door would be damaged in the process and that I would be up for extra costs from the real estate agents. Their Petersham locksmith assured me there would be no damage to the door and that any parts to be drilled out would be replaceable. I thought that would mean having to wait till the next day for parts to be ordered, but good thing is he had everything in his van, after getting the door open he installed a new lock and cylinder then and there. Nice work!

Marjorie – Petersham

My name is Jeff and I own a milk run. One morning I stupidly locked my keys inside my truck whilst on the job. I found Nathan from Nexus locksmiths who said he could be in Petersham quickly, although he didn’t sound too chuffed about it at that time in the morning ha ha. Anyway he did arrive promptly as promised and charged a fair price. The job was pretty quick so thankfully all I paid was a call out fee and I was back to work losing hardly any time at all. Thing is a couple of other locksmiths didn’t answer when I called them and I thought it would be impossible to find anyone till 9am. Luckily I found a business who offer a genuine 24-hour service, no doubt I will remember their name and call them again when I need someone reliable. Service is important to me, especially since I run a business, and I don’t have time for dawdlers. I can definitely say I got the quick response I needed from them that morning. Cheers.

Jeff. P

Security tips from Nexus 24-hour locksmiths

• A motion sensor light is an affordable way to brighten up dark areas, eg courtyards, driveways. It makes people feel as though they are being watched and we all know that intruders like to operate covertly

• Install a back to base alarm system. The ongoing monitoring fee is quite economical; some companies charge $1 a day

• Have a locksmith check your locks to ensure they are in good order. Proper Maintenance can prevent an emergency call

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