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Tips on securing your garage door

If you want a high security lock for your garage door then read on – XTRALOK anchors are just that. There are many different locks that can be used to secure your garage door. This blurb touches on the XTRALOK brand of locks, which lie at the higher end of the security spectrum. Information compiled courtesy of  Nexus 24 hour locksmiths Mosman. Need a locksmith in Mosman? Call Nexus now!

The range includes the XTRALOK 1A roller door anchor, 2A roller door anchor semi circular plate and 2AEXT roller door anchor semi circular plate. These locks work off an anchor that sits securely in the concrete, as opposed to patio style garage door locks that actuate locking by driving a pin into the frame or the ground.

The 1A roller door anchor is designed for installation on flat concrete on the inside of the door. It anchors to the ground with specially designed fasteners that hold the circular plate firmly into the concrete. The lock is supplied with door bracket, circular plate, fasteners and can be fitted to either roller or tilt garage doors. It is made of zinc treated steel and that means good weather resistance. Both 1A models are made to be installed on the inside, suitable for premises with internal access. It works by tilting the hinge on the anchor up towards the door bracket. Once over the door bracket a padlock is needed to lock the hinge in place. Visit the XTRALOK website for more information.

The 2A is a model designed for use where there is a rebated step on the inside of the garage door. Its anchor plate is semi circular so that it sits flush up against the weather stripping. Its semi circular design makes it possible to fasten the anchor on the inside as well. Like the 1A this model is also secured with a padlock from the inside requiring internal access.

For homes that do not have internal access through the garage the 2AEXT is the model that would need to be installed. The padlock is located on the outside. It is fitted with a protective shroud that makes it difficult to attack the shackle on the padlock with bolt cutters. Its semi circular base makes it suitable for installation on concrete floors with a rebated weather step. The 2A is crafted from the same zinc treated steel as the 1A models and also incorporates the 304-grade stainless steel hinge pin.

These locks are high security anchors and would be suitable for installation on industrial premises as well. Should an intruder break in through a door and try to unload goods through the roller door, the XTRALOK will slow them down.

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