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The Lockwood 530 digital DX is a lock that offers mechanical access control. It is commonly found on internal doors in retail / office environments as well as external gates on residential premises making it quite a versatile lock. Information compiled courtesy of  Nexus 24 hour mobile locksmiths Neutral Bay. Need a locksmith in Neutral Bay? Call us now!

"Emergency Locksmiths Neutral Bay"

Emergency Locksmiths Neutral Bay

The 530 DX is available in satin chrome or polished brass with a 60mm backset as standard that can be extended to 70 or 127mm where necessary. Out of the packet it is designed to affix to doors with a width of 35 – 45mm, for thicker doors longer screws are required which need to be ordered separately. Should you need a 530 DX installed it would help us if you could let us know the width of your door as we may need to order extended screws. The 530 can be installed to both inward and outward opening doors, if doing this installation yourself it is important to measure carefully especially when fitting to a wooden frame door with glass. Glass breakage could be a costly consequence.

The 530 DX is fire rated to 2 hours making it suitable for installation to strata properties. Furthermore the internal turn knob is set to passage mode, leaving it free at all times in case of emergency. Council specify that locks fitted to fire doors need to be fitted with a lever handle on the inside which can be done provided the 530 is paired up with an appropriate lock. Brought to you by Nexus Neutral Bay Locksmith.

The lock works on a push button keypad that allows for a code ranging in length of between 4 to 6 digits. A code of less than 4 numbers can be set but we do not recommend it as it reduces the security level. The code can be entered in any order for added convenience, if it is on an internal door, such as a staff room, we can set the code to an easy combination, for example 1234, enabling staff to “mash” the top 4 numbers with their thumb making for easy access. The user can rekey this lock themselves; all that is required is a Philips head screwdriver, long nose pliers and 15 minutes. It’s pretty straightforward and on each installation we give a demonstration on how to do it.

There are several variations on how this lock can be ordered including double sided keypad with latch, single sided keypad with mortice lock, and single sided keypad with Lockwood 002 on the inside.

The mortice lock pair up enables a key override feature so in the case of keypad failure it would still be possible to access the room. Although it is a dearer set up to install, long-term benefits are that if the keypad malfunctions, it is easy for the locksmith to open the door in order to replace or service the lock. Without the mortice lock there is more work involved in getting the door open. The double-sided keypad is a high security version and is limited by law in relation to where it can be legally installed. For example all fire exits must be free at all times and be fitted with a lever handle at the very least, so the double sided keypad configuration would not be legal on fire doors. Fire inspectors will issue a notice and the lock will have to be replaced with a single keypad mortice lock configuration with lever handle.

The lock also features high quality components and security features including stainless steel springs, and a clutching mechanism. The clutching feature prevents the external knob from binding when forced, causing it to spin when too much pressure is applied. This transfers the force away from the locking components minimizing damage to the lock and reducing the chance of a successful forced entry. In addition the new 530 has an anti sensory keypad, which makes manipulation more difficult that on the older models. We can install 530 DX locks in a variety of configurations, even on narrow style aluminium doors, if you are interested in discussing the benefits of mechanical access control call us to find out more.

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