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Losing ones keys is a particularly frustrating unexpected event that can happen at anytime. If you happen to be in a situation where you can’t find your keys and you are stuck in Crows nest, whether they happen to be the keys to your home or office, you can rely on Nexus Locksmiths Crows Nest to bail you out of the situation quickly, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We pride ourselves on our after hours service and our forte in fact lies in resolving emergency and urgent jobs for our customers in Crows Nest on a nightly basis. We are always on the road after 5pm so if you need a reliable business to offer solutions to your lock and or key related predicament after hours then give us a call now, no matter what the time, and odds are you will receive a service all within half an hour.

After hours jobs in Crows Nest typically include lock outs, making keys where keys have been lost or stolen, and replacing failed locks. Please not that failed locks are a particular danger if the victim is on the inside as it poses a fire hazard. For all jobs as such we respond with priority, as our customers safety is paramount. Please call your friendly Crows Nest Locksmiths now to book a service call.